Eggs, Cheese, Gauc

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because of this they say to start off with a good healthy meal to get your energy and metabolism going first thing. I was never much of a morning person, but I have to be with everything that I have going on. And for a long time I would skip breakfast. But I have realized that wasn’t too smart. I usually will have some yogurt on my way to work and maybe a hand full of almonds as a snack or a granola bar, whatever I have laying around. Sometimes I have a piece of corn bread if I have it. I don’t always have a lot of time to cook. But the other day I did have some time. And I had a couple eggs laying around. I could have made an omelette, but I was working on some other things too so it turned into scrambled eggs. When Gordon Ramsay interviews a chef, he has them make eggs. He wants to see their form and how they season them and how they prepare them. So I guess I could practice for that interview, lol! But what I did was I got my pan nice and hot, added a little cooking spray and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Then I cracked my eggs and added some of that Mexican shredded cheese I had left over from my burrito bowl experiment along with a pinch of sea salt. And because I got the pan so hot, they didn’t take long to cook. Then right as I pulled the pan from the stove, I added a scoop of guacamole and mixed that in. It was quick and simple and the best eggs I have had in a long time. I had some lemon water with it and I was ready for my day! There really is a million things you could mix in with your eggs from any vegetables to seafood or whatever. I haven’t cooked many breakfast shifts over the years, but I have volunteered at a lot of Legion Breakfasts and I have done many omelette stations and trained others on how to do omelette stations.

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