Breaded Zucchini Strips

Breaded catfish pieces

Seafood is one of my favorite things. That and cheese. I think I could live on an all seafood and cheese diet. It’s my downfall. And who doesn’t love a good fish fry? Nothing like a fresh beer battered haddock, I know I have cooked a lot of those in my day. As good as they are, I wanted to modify it and make it at home without deep frying it. And I also wanted to continue with the zucchini tests. So I figured instead of traditional fish and chips, why not bread zucchini strips and fish and bake them? That is what I did. I went and got some zucchini and some catfish at the store. Brought it back and cut the zucchini into strips like steak fries and cut the catfish into large nugget pieces. I then mixed up an egg with a little buttermilk and then breaded everything in some leftover panko breadcrumbs from the chicken and parmesan cheese. Instead of tartar sauce, I took some avocado and mixed it with a little fat free sour cream I had in the fridge. All around it was a really good, fresh, healthy spin on classic fish and chips that I will make again!

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