Sometimes we are in a hurry. Actually a lot of people are most of the time these days. Between work, or school, or kids, or anything else that could come up. And to remain living a healthier life style, you should try to avoid fast food. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to avoid it whether you are running late for a meeting or work or whatever the case may be. And I don’t like to use pre-made meals or frozen items if I can avoid it. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice because of poor planning or something that came up unexpectedly. The other day I was in a rush, but I managed to stop at the store and pick up some pre-made mini raviolis. And I do like the frozen ‘steamed’ vegetables that you put in the microwave (one of the only thing a microwave is good for!) I had a jar of sauce from Trader Joe’s. I recommend checking out Trader Joe’s if you haven’t already and are ever around one. While I microwaved the cauliflower I got, I boiled the raviolis. Then I served them with a scoop of the sauce from the jar with a little parmesan cheese. I didn’t heat up the sauce as I let the ravioli heat it up. So it all together took me about ten minutes or so if that to put the meal together. It was worth taking the ten minutes out of my day to not wait in line at a fast food drive-thru!

Ravioli with Trader Joe's Sauce

Frozen Cauliflower

From Trader Joe's

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