These days everyone seems to be on a health kick. If you are cooking at home, there are a lot of things you can do to make things healthier or un-healthier at the same time. One thing is the use of oils…
I had never heard of coconut oil until recently. I had used different flavored olive oils and the traditional extra virgin olive oil. I always had some on hand to cook with. About a year ago I was told that Grapeseed oil is good for massages. A masseuse told me that.
Coconut Oil has many health benefits, you can read about it all over, just google it. I now use it for everything that I cook, even use it as a butter replacement. If you have never used it, it looks like a paste almost with a harder consistency like paste. But it melts down like butter would. The oil I have doesn’t have any coconut flavor to it. And you can pick it up in pretty much any grocery store now.

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